Sunday, February 27, 2011

family birthdays and Picture Inspiration

We are celebrating two family birthdays with dinner at my brother's home.  My sister and sister-in-law have birthdays within a week's time so it's nice to celebrate them together.  The top picture is of a vintage card I found on etsy and gave to my sister for her birthday.  When you fold the card in half only one of the girl's shows so it's like getting two cards in one!  I made the card in the 2nd photo for my SIL.  All 3 of my brother's boys will be home to help us celebrate (2 are in college) which will make it extra special!  I love birthdays!

I started a new photography class this week at BPC.  It's called Picture Inspiration with Tracey Clark who taught the seasonal picture classes I took the past year.  This class lasts for a year and we will get an email prompt and photo once a week instead of every day as we had for the other classes.  I think I will like this one even more than the previous ones!  There's a little picture on the top right of my blog for this class --if you click on it you will go right to the class info!