Saturday, June 4, 2011

Finding Photo Freedom and Picture Color

old sticky paged albums-emptied and gone!
Changing of the guard (color)

changing of the guard (color)

Blissed Out on Color 

Blissed out on color #2

Technicolor vision
Started 2 online classes this week and got started on clearing out old sticky page photo albums last night! What a great feeling to get rid of so many old photos that have no meaning to me anymore.  I'm excited to pare down my photo collection to only photos that are meaningful to me in one way or another.  

LOVING the Picture Color photography class!  All the color is so uplifting to see in everyone's photos in the class and I'm so in awe of all the wonderful photographers who are posting their photos--learning so much! The blissed out on color assignment was to post a photo of your favorite colors and my summer purse and bracelet have them all!  Links to both classes are on the upper right of my blog if you are interested.