Sunday, June 2, 2013

Yew Dell Garden visit

This is the short story--I hope to add more photos of our visit to Yew Dell Gardens soon. Lots of editing to do on the photos first!  I made this collage for a photography class I'm taking to use as an example for photos telling a story.  These 4 photos will be a good reminder of some of the stories to tell about our visit! The upper left photo is some type of succulents which I saw quite a few of at the gardens--and cactus too!  Who knew we could grow so many different ones here in KY! The right upper photo is of one of my favorite sculptures they are displaying throughout the gardens this summer. The bottom left photo is my sister showing a giant magnolia blossom and the bottom right photo is a bird's nest (Carolina wren???). The nest was made inside a ceramic dog shaped planter sitting on a table right inside the entrance barn to the gardens and just outside the gift shop where all visitors walk in! I didn't see the mama while we were there but I imagine she was up in the rafters of the barn keeping an eye on her nest!