Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spring album and more

Spring album 2006

spring album 2011

birthday card for my brother
I made this beautiful spring album back in 2006 at an Archiver's workshop with good friends and it has such special memories for me.  Both from the old photos inside and the fun we had making them at the workshop!  Somehow this poor album ended up in my basement and was a victim of my leaky basement this spring--it's moldy and all the pages are stuck together. I was SO upset when I found it while cleaning out all the wet stuff. I'm hoping to remake it--I have photos of all the pages and am gathering supplies to see if I might have enough of the papers (some begged from friends!) left to do it again.  I can reprint all of the photos I used inside as they are old photos of my family/home growing up.  Thank goodness the papers were some of my all time favorites and I had extras--still!--and that I took photos of all the pages.  I might even be able to get my hands on the original instructions too--thanks to my good friend Marian who saves things and can actually find them years later!

I made the card for my brother's birthday this week --those are his initials on the front and his birth day is the 13th!