Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

I'm enjoying the weekend!  I started a new journal today following along the lines of one I read about recently online here:   I really like her idea that you can make the journal your own by writing your to do lists, notes to yourself plus add in photos, pretty papers and whatever else you want!  I've tried a couple of different methods of writing notes to myself this past year that just weren't working quite right and I'm hopeful that this will work for me.  I'm all ready doing some art work in it! Finally I am creating an ART JOURNAL!  How cool is that!!!

You might also notice that I designed a new blog header and added  2 new widgets to the top right sidebar on my blog.  One is for the Own Your Beauty website (clicking on it will take you right to the website!) which I have found very inspiring!  The other is for the Picture Winter photography class that I'm taking at BPC(Jan 1-31).  I'm so glad to have one more month with this series.  I think I have learned so much and my photography has improved too!  Tracey Clark will be teaching a 3 month workshop later this year(Oct-Dec) called the Art of Composition at BPC that I'm looking forward to: