Sunday, September 5, 2010

Chintz Applique Quilts

My sister and I went to see the Chintz quilts at the Taft Museum today ( Gorgeous day outside! We sat outside on their pretty patio under an umbrella for shade and enjoyed a beautiful brunch then went inside to see the quilts. My favorite was a quilt made for a woman by a Baptist church group in Philadelphia. Each quilted block had a family member or friend's name, a little poem or dedication written in ink along with the appliqued design. I was able to find a few pictures of the quilt with close ups in an article written about Chintz album quilts online here:

I have to say that I like regular pieced quilts much more than these Chintz quilts but you can't help but admire the beautiful, detailed stitching that went in to these quilts--some of the applique stitches looked like they were done on a machine--they were so tiny and uniform. Amazing!