Thursday, May 20, 2010

Collections-Wade ware

I have been intrigued and delighted looking at collections of vintage objects on other peoples blogs so thought I would start sharing some of my own collections here. Here's a picture of some of the recent additions to my collection of Wade ware ceramic animals and a cute little cottage house. The blue and white dog reminds me of my lab mix Emma but is not made by Wade. From:
  • Wade Whimsies are - miniature porcelain figurines which have become highly collectible. Originally conceived as pocket friends for children they are a widely traded subject for collectors of all ages and budgets.
  • Produced from 1954 - 1959 as small boxed collection sets, many were distributed free with packages of Red Rose Tea beginning in 1967 in Canada and continuing with collections in the United States from 1983 until the present day (the current collection 2007 - is Noah's Ark with 14 animals as well as Noah and his Wife. The collection for 2006 was the Pet Shop Friends series of ten pieces and a display stand)